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Nissan North America pushes for better Nismo support in US. Fans and Dealers rejoice!


Nissan North America is looking for a bigger role this year as it announced recently it will begin offering better support to its dealer network here in the US.

Nissan officials are working on ways to increase marketing of the Nismo product line, including a Motorsports Boutique inside participating Nissan Dealerships.

Nissan is also working on details for future events around the country so consumers can be hands-on with the Nismo branded vehicles that help develop the racing-inspired parts. Japans’ Nismo Performance Parts division produces large sales annually. Sadly, the United States generated only about $3.5 million in 2012 as we experience very limited support or the product line.

“The limited target audience here has consisted mostly of owners of Nissan Zs and GT-Rs, the tuner crowd, video gamers and fans of GT Racing” says Rick Kulach, senior planner for the Motorsports Marketing Communications at Nissan.


But change is coming (and the Peasants rejoice)!


Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn gave Nissan Motorsports a new building in Yokohama, Japan last year. He vowed to expand the Nismo Performance business globally, particularly in the United States.

“We will not simply be limited to just floor mats, shift knobs and various trim items” says Mr Ghosn. Our high-end Suspension Kits/Components, Brakes, Exhaust Systems, Head Gaskets and other pieces will be available to help our Dealer Network grow with more parts and installation options

2012-nissan-gt-r-nismo-gt3-race-car_100386274_l“With the public events we’re planning for consumers, our dealers will have some opportunity for incremental sales. But more importantly, they will have the exposure,” he says. “Customers will see what’s available. Dealers will witness what we’re doing to help. And they could actually have one of the race cars displayed at their dealership for a few days before the event to increase awareness.”



Keep your eyes peeled. Full Nismo support is planned to come stateside soon! Hope to see some of you out at these Nissan North America and Nismo hosted events.




Buddy Club Press Release – New S2000 AP1/AP2 Extended Ball Joints!



As you track your vehicle and experience tremendous lateral G-forces while entering and exiting turns, your suspension geometry changes. As your car experiences sideways forces, the upper and lower control arms change angles in relation to one another. The resulting change could pivot the centerline of the affected wheel in such a way as to produce a significant change in camber, resulting in less tire contact with the ground and, subsequently, poor traction and stability.

To counteract this problem, Buddy Club has released the P1 Racing Extended Ball Joint, an adjustable ball joint that connects to the lower control arm, not the upper, thereby allowing a more correct and apt suspension geometry between upper and lower control arms to be maintained; this insures a more predictable roll center. The roll center adjuster is an essential part of any tuned suspension on a street or track vehicle lowered 2 inches or more. Not only will this particular kit help maintain proper roll center. It also contains our patent pending method to adjust camber. Now S2000 owners can quickly and effectively adjust camber at the track. Whether itʼs changing track conditions or a just dialing in your setup. The front kit has 4 levels of camber adjustment from zero to minus 5 degrees.