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Below is some useful information for your online retail store or your local tuning shop. Depending on your business, you might want your customers finding your products online to purchase from you, A Speed Shop might be looking for customers to locate and call them because they offer tuning and dyno service. Every business will have different needs, the article below might apply to each of your business separately.

It’s true; social media can have a huge impact on website traffic, website rank and ultimately how many online transactions are completed. This means more customers could be shopping on your stores website and making purchases. Online reputation is just as important as your reputation in person, and now, Google is making it so that you have to work hard to keep your online reputation clean and upstanding.


To be clear, Google is a search engine that works as a graphical user interface (GUI) for the Internet that allows users to comfortably search the web without dealing with code. The topics covered in this post are solely on how Google is reaching to make the web a friendly and more accountable resource for businesses and users alike. (The “Internet” is not changing, but the search engine, Google, is making changes.)

One of these changes is that your online profiles will be graded according to how many followers your business has, how upstanding your followers are and how much interaction happens on your profiles. If you have a great social reputation, the inbound links from those social media profiles will have more of an impact on the site ranking.

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The first and most important step is to make sure that your business profiles are separate from your personal profiles. Social platforms are as real as talking to someone face-to-face, so be sure your business is highlighted for the right reasons. You can always share your business posts on your personal posts, but stay away from sharing your personal posts with customers.

The best place to start managing your reputation is by attracting the right audience. Build your following organically by posting information and links that your audience responds to positively. Always try to post back to your own site, but most importantly post topics that are important to your customers. If you run across a great article on how to wear white on white, share it on your social media platforms even if it doesn’t link to your site. If you offer products that relate to the article, put a note in your post where they can find the products. You can take it one step farther by hosting your own flash sale that corresponds with the article your posted. You will notice that people are more interactive with the information that you post, and in return your online reputation will continue to gain strength.

The next step is to pay attention to the profiles that you follow. Make sure that the pages that you follow are relevant to your business. For example, the Accelerated Wholesale FB page follows Speed Shops, Company Brands, ands and the Lifestyle of the Trade including Shows and Events.

TwitterFacebook and Instagram are all being ranked with the new standards; be sure to always keep up on all social profiles. If you can’t keep up with all of the profiles, choose one or two and focus on those. It is more important to have relevant information and followers than it is just having a social media page. Twitter is now being ‘graded’ by retweets and favorites. Make sure that you are posting content that your followers deem important enough to retweet. Pay attention to what you retweet and be positive it is relevant to your business because in the end you are endorsing that profile. Use hashtags to better circulate your posts and gain more of a following to continue to build the online reputation. Post quality images on all platforms and be sure to label them appropriately with a link for where the customer can purchase the product.

Social media has quickly molded into a marketing platform that is based on reputation and quality customer service. Pay close attention to your social media reputation and be sure that it isn’t bringing your website down to the lower search rankings. Keep it consistent, clean and be sure that your reputation upstanding to ensure more sales for your online boutique.