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Press Release – New Competition Clutch Stage 1 Clutches

The newly redesigned Competition Clutch Stage 1 kits have been engineered to deliver 30-40% increases in torque capacity while still maintaining minimal pedal effort and ultra smooth engagement!  How was this achieved you ask?

The engineering team at Competition Clutch took on the challenge to develop a entry level clutch design that out performed the existing products on the market, including their own previous Stage 1 design. The result of their efforts is a ductile iron pressure plate design that features specially designed lifter clips for lightning quick release and faster shifts. All of this was built around the goal of increased torque capacity that rivals their competitors Stage 2 and beyond kits.

While most would have been satisfied with building a pressure plate that offered the ability to hold up to 40% more torque, the team at Competition Clutch decided to go a step further and design a clutch disc to complement the engineering expertise built into the pressure plate. The disc was built using 8 springs for extra cushioning and smooth shifts, a high angularity disc configuration , torsional dampers to reduce vibration and steel-backed friction disc linings to increase burst strength for the most demanding drivers. Most of the ‘other’ guys save the ‘special stuff’ for their more expensive kits, Competition Clutch felt that even their entry level clutch deserved the best.

The new Competition Clutch Stage 1 Kits were engineered to perform where the others slip, and at a competitive price that is sure to deliver on the promise of value and performance that entry level clutch customers should expect.

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Competition Clutch’s NEW Subaru HD Clutch Kit

Competition Clutch has just released their new heavy duty pressure plates for the 02-05 Subaru WRX as well as the 04-12 WRX STI. The kits for the 02-05 WRX and 04-12 WRX STI feature a 2,500lb and 2,700lb pressure plate respectively with near factory pedal effort and feel. All kits are available with your choice of sprung or un-sprung performance discs as well as a release bearing and alignment tool.